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  • Lost love
    Love ,are you still there ?I need every part of me to be appreciated and to be loved by you.I want to feel your presences in my life.I want to feel your every breath.Why aren’t you trying?Can’t you hear me begging for your touch.If you leave me i will never love again .Love,why is yourContinue reading “Lost love”
  • Boy listen!
    They say “If he doesn’t drink then he doesn’t know how to have fun”. If he doesn’t have money his useless “. If he cries his a Coward. “If he speaks too much then his too talkative for a man”. …………………. Why should men restrict their emotions or be someone they are not so theyContinue reading “Boy listen!”
  • Cheerleader
    I got thisI’m the besti canI willI’m strongI’m brave Being different is beautifulNothing can stop meI’m amazing Step by step i will get thereGod is by my sideI’m doing well Why should i always do what others want? Why should their approval matter. IF the only person that knows what i am capable of isContinue reading “Cheerleader”
  • Thank you
    I think we should learn how to actually appreciate the people in our lives and be thankful for having them. We should be able to show them enough love and acknowledge them while they are around,just to show gratitude for their presence in our lives . So today i would like to mention few peopleContinue reading “Thank you”
  • Inner peace
    Because of it i have learnt to let go, because of it i’m able to laugh and smile with people who have hurt and betrayed me. Because of it i’m able to eat with my enemies on the same table. Because of it i’m able to walk out any situation with my shoulders straight andContinue reading “Inner peace”
  • dark
    A closed room.A closed dark room.A moment.A moment of relaxation.A little moment of peace of mind. Call me crazy,call me insane but nothing can be compared to being in a room with no lights. It makes me feel better,just me and my imagination,privacy and fantasies. No! i don’t suffocate. I love the dark.A moment ofContinue reading “dark”
  • Beautiful imperfections
    The world has alot to say,everyone wants to be perfect and flawless. I find it absurd that we regard our own imperfections as weakness and not as a beautiful thing. Why should i rob myself of joy and become someone i’m not, so people can see me as perfect when my beauty lies in beingContinue reading “Beautiful imperfections”
  • A little blooming lotus
    My name is Martha ,yes i know. But why does it seem like everytime i look at  myself in the mirror i don’t know the girl i’m  looking at. Why does this girl carry so much anger? but who is she angry at thou? why does she look so broken inside? Why does she lookContinue reading “A little blooming lotus”
  • Dear women
    Why do we let men take advantage of us?It is absolutely heartbreaking that with the changing times we still live in societies where we let men do whatever they want to do,just because they are men.It hurts to see that there are still women who are unable to speak up and take a stand.Men areContinue reading “Dear women”
  • Life goes on
    “Life is so unfair”. We have all heard that phrase million of times and we all have different stories to tell about why life isn’t fair. And i certainly have one too. Sometimes we completely lose all hope,times we question the lord,times it seems like things will never go back to normal,times we get disappointedContinue reading “Life goes on”